Alistair Larmour - 'Technique Technique Technique'

3 Part eBook Series

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a necessary tool in every healer’s kit. This is the method to review each of your lives in turn. As well as another technique to clear the residual blockages of all past lives at once.   $19.99 Ebook  
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DNA Repatterning is a technique for the new age. So much inherited emotional baggage can be abandoned and a new kind of physical freedom gained through working with DNA.   $19.99 – Ebook.
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13 Sacred Rays

These meditation practices are designed to empower beginner and intermediate meditators in their practice. Allowing you to upskill without attending costly seminars. 13 Sacred Rays, Free with sign up? The 13 sacred rays constitute their own practice, powerful and effective, they are the simplest form I healing I know of. Many people overlook colour in their practice. Energy types are colour coded and it is a great wa
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