Alistair Larmour’s Biography

Alistair has devoted many years to his study of the esoteric, making this his primary focus both as work and hobby. Integrating up to 9 different healing systems in a session, he is very effective and just knows what the heart of the problem is immediately.

Alistair’s main focus has been in the realm of mental health. He has helped hundreds of people overcome some of the most challenging issues.

Alistair originally began his studies due to the failure of psychology in alleviating his condition. The work so commonly derided was incredibly effective in Alistair’s self-treatment and through this experience, he has been able to help others to wellness and overcome their difficulties.

Alistair suffered a nervous breakdown in 2005. He spent a long time clawing his way back to sanity and has a rare insight into the difficulties endured by the mentally ill. He understands through experience. He is able to create connection where others fail.

Alistair has had success using spirit healing on medical issues such as endometriosis and diabetes. These particular cases were unresponsive to a variety of common medical treatments and were accepted as an uncomfortable part of life for the sufferers.

If you are looking to heal a serious ailment, Alistair will be able to help you, even if it only with a referral to another quality psychic healer.

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